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How To Order Firearms Online

According to Federal Law (enacted by The Gun Control Act of 1968, referred to as GCA68), all firearms and  receivers purchased by civilians must be transferred to the buyer in person through a registered FFL dealer.

At  SMIARMS.com, we ensure that every step of the firearm purchase process is as smooth and timely as possible. However, every purchaser and seller of products regulated under GCA68 must follow these steps, therefore we cannot ship these materials directly to you.

When ordering a firearm or lower receiver from us, here is how to do it:

  • Step 1-

    Find a local FFL dealer in your area that you trust and offers a reasonable price for firearm transfers, this should be no more than $20- $125.

    Then, call us at 800-398-9087 or email FFL@smiarms.com to check if we already have your preferred local dealer's information on file. If we have the FFL dealer's information from a previous customer's purchase, then you can skip the last step.

  • Step 2-

    When proceeding to checkout with your firearm or  reciever, you will need to enter YOUR first and last name in the shipping address name fields. Many dealers prefer to have the customer's name on the outside of the shipment for the ease of transfer.

    Then, you will need to enter the dealer's information into the 'company' and 'address' input fields, the business' fax number is helpful. Please double-check to make sure all fields are filled in correctly.

    Now you will need to enter your payment information on our secure checkout page, once all information is entered accurately click 'Place Order Now'.

    When purchasing products regulated by GCA86, you will see prompts following checkout asking you to enter the FFL license information. Ignore these entry prompts if your dealer's information has already been submitted by you or another customer. If it is not on file, proceed to Step 3.

  • Step 3-

    If we do not have the necessary copy of the FFL license for your preferred dealer, here is how to send us what we need to send your firearm or lower receiver.

    To ensure that your products are shipped in a timely manner, please be sure your dealer includes your order number and your name when submitting their FFL copy to us. The dealer should then send the license as follows:  **Note: you cannot send us the FFL license copy.  It must come directly from the FFL.  We prefer that it be emailed to us at the following:

    1. Fax: 913-766-0681
    2. Email (with image of license attached): FFL@smiarms.com

    Once a dealer's FFL is added to our system, we keep the information on file for future purchases by you and other customers.

    When your order has been shipped, you will receive tracking updates through email. If there is any problem with the placement or shipment of your order, or receiving your dealer's FFL license, we will contact you to get it resolved so that we can get your order out as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in our process and our business.

    Please contact us with any questions on ordering.